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We specialize in the day-to-day management of your network platform so you can focus on your business. We make it simple for your company to communicate and get things done by offering a variety of hosting services to meet your business needs.

Lenutech understands and utilizes cloud services that are the future of networking and business operations. Lenutech provides the following categories of hosted services:

  • Business Applications - Office 365, Autodesk and more
  • Communication and Collaboration - Voice Service, Webex, Dropbox, Hosted Exchange, RingCentral and more
  • Security - Cirus, Sitelock, Symantec and more
  • Cloud Management Services - IDSync, Service Desk, IT Services, Cloud Onboarding and more
  • Infrastructure - Backup Cloud, Virtual Servers, Virtual Machines, Webhosting, Azure, Softlayer and more


Cloud Computing Models
Software as a Service – a vendor is managing the software application and typically provides a SLA for application uptime. You are responsible for the specific setup/configuration of the application and your business processes it automates. This model is the most expensive and adds the most value.

Platform as a Service – You get a specified configuration such as firewall, servers and load balancers that are managed by the vendor up through the level of the operating system. You need to install and manage any applications that run on top of the infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service – This model provides you with access to virtual servers and networking devices but in many ways you need to manage them just as you would if they were sitting in your own data center. This is the least expensive option and provides the least added value. You might have a 3rd party managed service provider manage the environment for you.