5 Ways VoIP can Revolutionize Your Business

1) Effective Call Screening

One of the most under-valued aspects of voice over IP calling is the ability to screen calls, due to caller ID. While a determined person can 'spoof' a number, screening allows filtering of spam calls. Blocking or ignoring endless calls about utilities enables your team to focus on their core goals.

2) Flexibility

VoIP phones and adaptors are incredibly flexible. All you need to do is take a headset and adaptor with you and access your number through any broadband connection. This makes the service invaluable for remote workers, employees who need to travel, and telecommuters.

3) Improve Customer Service

VoIP equipment can enhance customer service in your organisation. It offers many CRM (customer relationship management) tools including call monitoring. Monitoring enables you to provide feedback, train staff and improve the tech support skills of your team. Mobile VoIP services mean you can connect clients with field operatives, with no lengthy switchboard delays.

4) Reduce Costs

Money Supermarket – a leading comparison site that helps bill payers worldwide save money on a wide range of financial products, along with other independent bodies, agree that VoIP is cheaper than traditional wired phone systems. You essentially make all voice, teleconferencing, and video traffic through an Internet connection. The network treats calls as though they were broadband data, rather than 'minutes'. This means reduced travel costs, easier visual collaboration, and enhanced communication. The measurable ROI of videoconferencing makes the hardware a popular choice for procurement specialists.  

5) Easy Integration

When integrated with other technologies, such as adaptors and Bluetooth headsets, VoIP is a quick, easy, flexible tool. VoIP is also easy to install, configure and use, with intuitive interfaces. This reduces the need for IT support and streamlines your telecommunications, making them more efficient and effective.